Family Child Learning Center - Helping Children with Learning Disabilties & Their Families

The Family Child Learning Center located in Tallmadge, Ohio is a training and research program dedicated to helping children with learning disabilities and their families. The Family Child Learning Center (FCLC) is collaboration between Kent State University and Akron Children’s Hospital, and has been providing innovative services to young children with developmental disabilities since 1980.

The FCLC provides services to 150 children and their families each year while training and supervising 20-25 undergraduate and graduate students. The FCLC also conducts workshops for parents and professionals across the country and overseas.

Family Child Learning Center’s Mission

The FCLC is dedicated to providing developmental services to young children with developmental concerns and their families. The FCLC does this by training parents, professionals, and students. FCLC utilizes quality programs, behaviors, and experiences that meet the needs of young children with developmental concerns.
FCLC conducts research on what practices and training are successful in enhancing development in young children and then is able to use that research to promote innovative ways to help children with developmental concerns.
Finally, FCLC works with similar organizations and the established early intervention system to promote constant improvement in services to children and their families.

Family Child Learning Center Services

The FCLC utilizes two effective tools in their commitment to helping families: Responsive Teaching and Positive Parenting Program.

Responsive Teaching trains parents on how to promote their child’s intellectual development and emotional well-being through daily learning opportunities experienced in their natural environment, usually at home. Parents learn how to playfully interact with their children and still promote cognitive, language, and social/emotional skills.

Positive Parenting Program teaches parents a positive and caring approach to managing average behavioral problems while also addressing developmental concerns.

The FCLC provides both individual sessions and group sessions to the families they serve. The individual sessions focus on learning strategies and discussing how to implement them. Through modeling the desired actions and behaviors, the professionals at FCLC show parents and children an individualized response to learning developmental skills. Then the professionals coach parents and children through those learning experiences.

The group session provides a social format to practice what families and children have learned in the individual sessions. There are guided activities, such as storytelling, singing and enjoying social play.

All of the sessions are conducted in rooms filled with brightly colored toys and fun activity centers such as slides and gymnastic mats. The FCLC promotes learning developmental skills through normal childhood play.